Check Engine Light in Cincinnati, Ohio

Expert Check Engine Light Diagnostics and Repair

As daunting as it may appear, the check engine light is your friend. As your car’s way of telling you that something is wrong, it’s an incredibly useful tool in catching and repairing engine or exhaust issues before they compromise the integrity of your vehicle. If yours has come on, reach out to Cottman of Cincinnati for a free inspection!

Why Did My Engine Light Come On?

The check engine light (also known as the malfunction indicator lamp) is part of the on-board diagnostics system (OBD-II) in today’s vehicles. The OBD-II system became mandatory in all models from 1996 and onward. It monitors the engine and exhaust system to ensure all components and functions are operating as normal. If it detects a problem in either system, it will send a trouble code to the computer system, and from there, the engine light will illuminate on the dashboard to alert you. A steady glow of the engine light means the issue should be addressed at your earliest convenience. A problem that is put off for too long runs the risk of causing further damage (sometimes irreversible). However, if your car displays a flashing check engine light, a more serious issue has been discovered and, more often than not, requires immediate attention.

What Problems Trigger the Engine Light?

A range of issues can cause the engine light to come on. The most common parts that experience wear or complication include the oxygen sensor, catalytic converter, mass airflow sensor or intake, spark plugs and spark plug wires. For example, the mass airflow sensor could have failed, which is what monitors the amount of air that enters the engine. Another example is a bad spark plug wire, which is what facilitates the transfer of electricity from the coil to the spark plug. Sometimes, a faulty or loose gas cap can even be the source of the engine light’s appearance. If yours is securely tightened and the light is still on, visit our automotive repair shop for further diagnosis. Whether it’s a simple or more involved car repair, we’ll be able to swiftly and effectively take care of the problem.

Check Engine Light Diagnostics

Our certified technicians are trained and experienced in all examination and repair processes. We follow our free TransCheck 21 PLUS® Service inspection process and use state-of-the-art diagnostic technology that allows us to troubleshoot the exact issue in your vehicle. With our advanced scanning tools, we gather the trouble code information and perform a thorough inspection of the piece that is exhibiting a problem to determine the exact complication. We’ll also check the surrounding areas to see if the issue caused additional damage to nearby parts. We abide by an industry-set guideline for check engine light diagnostics to ensure complete accuracy and efficiency. Should your car require further inspection or repair, we’ll walk you through the steps to remedy the problem and discuss pricing. We strive to be 100% transparent with our customers at all times.

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