Engine Repair in Cincinnati, Ohio

Professional Engine Services and Repairs at Cottman

A car’s engine is a delicate piece of machinery that comprises a medley of components, each of which works together to ensure seamless operation. If your engine falls victim to wear or damage, we invite you to Cottman of Cincinnati for engine repair.

Types of Engine Problems

We perform high levels of engine repair, whether it be fixing a failed oil pump or replacing a worn spark plug. Engine problems come in all shapes and sizes and range from minor to severe, but rest assured we can handle any that come our way. A few common complications include leaking coolant, damaged oxygen sensors, low lubrication, blocked radiators, and poor compression. Additional parts, including timing chains, camshafts, belts, hoses, and valves, may become compromised as well over the course of your engine’s life. We have the know-how to repair or replace such components. In extreme circumstances, we provide total engine replacement if necessary. We’ll properly identify the problem’s source and make sure it’s fixed right the first time! If we conclude engine replacement is necessary, we offer several different options to ensure exact fit, and each comes with our nationwide, comprehensive warranty.

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Importance of Engine Maintenance

The engine is essentially the sum of its parts. When you properly take care of it, you take care of all the pieces housed within. Preventative maintenance is key to averting engine wear, damage, and repair. Our automotive shop recommends a general engine inspection about every 50,000 miles. The inspection gives us the chance to check out all components and look for signs of wear or damage that may have gone undetected. Similarly, we recommend a tune-up about every 60,000 miles. This is where we’ll assess the condition of the spark plugs, ignition parts, filters, and engine settings and determine if a replacement is needed. Our skilled engine repair team will also verify that the computer system is properly working and reset it when complete. Our certified technicians are second to none when it comes to inspecting, diagnosing, and repairing engines.

Signs of a Bad Engine

Sometimes, you won’t know there even is a problem with your engine, which is why we encourage regular inspection of the component. Other times, however, your engine will show signs of distress in different ways. If idling or accelerating is rough or there’s an unusual lack of power during acceleration, there may be a complication with your powertrain. A difficult time starting the car and an engine that consistently stalls are additional telltale signs of needing engine repair. There are more passive indicators as well to keep an eye out for, including a decrease in mileage, a rotten-egg odor from the exhaust, or the check engine light appearing on your dashboard. If the check engine light is flashing, a serious problem has been detected in your car and requires prompt service; we recommend visiting us as soon as possible for diagnostics.