What is P0128?

Is Your Engine Coolant Warm or Hot? Your engine light is illuminating. Check the engine! Behind the scenes, a computer is delivering a P0128 code. What does this code mean? Do you write C and C++? Your vehicle just spits a code back at you, telling you the line of code in your vehicle has […]

How a Brake Caliper Works

The Danger of Squealing Brakes Abnormal wear and checking the caliper’s piston are two ways to check a brake caliper. When you push the brake pedal to apply the brakes, brake fluid is released into a caliper. There are fixed and floating calipers. Fixed calipers mount to a steering knuckle, and floating calipers mount to […]

Everything You Need to Know About Limp Mode

Cincinnati’s Trusted Engine Repair Specialists It can be an extremely frightening experience when your car starts behaving erratically for no apparent reason. Your car might slip into another gear or stay there altogether. But what is causing this strange behavior? It might be in limp mode. Here at Cottman Transmission in Cincinnati, Ohio, our customers […]

Do You Need a Transmission Flush?

4 Signs You Need a Transmission Flush Our auto repair technicians are no strangers to transmission questions asked by our customers. One of the most common questions we hear is if their car needs to get a transmission flush. The transmission repair experts at Cottman Transmission in Cincinnati, Ohio, understand your confusion. That’s why we’re […]