Transmission Services in Cincinnati, Ohio

Professional Transmission Service and General Repair and Maintenance

At Cottman of Cincinnati, our specialty is transmission care. Maintenance, repair, and replacement—we do it all confidently and efficiently. We also take care of mechanical auto repair needs for items such as the engine, brake system, and driveline. Speak with us today to learn more about our general and transmission services!

Transmission Services and Repairs

When your transmission — be it a manual, an automatic, or CVT — shows signs of problems, bring it to the trained experts at our transmission shop. We have extensive experience working with four-wheel and all-wheel drive transmissions, as well as diesel and heavy-duty transmissions. Our transmission services menu runs the gamut, ranging from simple transmission fluid and filter changes to total transmission overhauls/replacements. Transmission replacement is a rarer need, and we will never subject your vehicle to it if not absolutely necessary. If repair is needed for your transfer case, cooler, or clutch, we can handle it. We also rebuild transmissions (also known as overhaul and recondition), which is a more involved repair that consists of taking the transmission apart, fixing the worn or damaged components, and carefully reassembling it back together. We work to rigid technical specifications, and each service is backed by our 24-month unlimited mile nationwide warranty.


More vehicles are now equipped with CVT’s (Continuous Variable Transmission). Repair of internal issues with CVT’s is not available due to the fact these units are relatively new; therefore, parts are not readily available or extremely expensive. The most cost-effective way to resolve an internal problem is to replace your unit with a different transmission. Once we have diagnosed that your unit has an internal problem, we will investigate, for you, the alternative for a replacement unit. CVT warranties do vary depending on what type of unit is available and from whom.

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From transmission services and repairs to maintenance and inspections, your car’s needs will be thoroughly taken care of by the professional technicians at Cottman of Cincinnati. Find us at 665 Batavia Pike. To schedule an appointment or to learn more, dial 513-688-7522.

Additional Auto Services

On top of our expert transmission services, we perform a variety of general automotive services and repairs for other vehicle components: the engine, brakes, driveline, electrical, battery, heating and air conditioning and exhaust. Whether it be a bad spark plug or corroded battery cables, rest assured we can remedy the problem and get your car running like new again. Thanks to our skilled team and advanced equipment, we also perform repairs, tune-ups, safety inspections, and computer diagnostics. Observing a preventative maintenance plan is easy with us, as we efficiently complete all necessary routine services in a timely manner. To learn more about our service offerings, get in touch with our team today!

Auto Repair Specialists

A repair job is only as good as the hands and brains behind it. This is why, in our repair shop, we invest heavily in our team. Our technicians regularly go through training and stay apprised of industry updates. Our facility also features the latest, most state-of-the-art tools, equipment, and technology that align with industry standards to ensure all transmission services are performed correctly. We follow manufacturer specifications and work to meet brand warranty parameters. We understand the service and repair aspect of vehicle ownership may seem daunting and confusing, which is why we do our best to be there every step of the way. All your questions and concerns are encouraged and will be answered in the least technical terms possible. In our shop, we offer a comprehensive warranty, road tests, and free TransCheck 21 PLUS® Service, all for your peace of mind.